Description. Refrigerated Pass-through Cabinet Width. 975
Volume. 112ltr Depth. 508
System Type. Integral / Self-contained  Height. 660
Temperature Range. +2ºC / +5ºC @ +43ºC
Adjustable Humidity. 60% to 90% WARRANTY
Insulation / Density. 50mm / 45kgm3(Zero ODP) Extended Term. 5/2yrs Parts & Labour



Data sheet

ITEM DESCRIPTION Refrigerated Ceiling / Bench Mount Pass-through Cabinet
EXTENDED WARRANTY 5/2yrs Parts & Labour
CERTIFICATIONS / MARKS OF CONFORMITY HACCP (Certified), 2006/42/CE, NF, EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-89, EN 55014-1, EN55014-2, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, 2004/108/CE, RoHS, RAEE, WEEE, REACH
HUMIDITY RANGE (Adjustable) 60% to 90% (adjustable in 1% increments)
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS (mm) 975W x 508D x 660H
INTERNAL DIMENSIONS (mm) 556W x 356D x 530H
NUMBER OF SHELF POSITIONS & SHELF PITCH PITCH (2) heavy-duty rilsan coated wire shelf grids with a load capacity of +50kg each
HACCP DATA INFO Clear text, accessible via controller interface
INSULATION DETAIL 50mm high-performance 100% CFC & HCFC-free high density foamed rigid polyurethane insulation is noted for its unsurpassed stability and highly efficient thermal properties
CONTROLLER IP65 water & dust ingress protected ‘Intelligent’ electronic controller, LCD display for clear text monitoring of functions & cycles. Built-in auto & self-diagnostic systems, fan speed management system, acoustic & visual alarms with historical data log
REFRIGERATION SYSTEM TYPE Integral / Self-contained and electronically controlled, entirely front breathing, left-side mount refrigeration unit
DEFROST TYPE HOT GAS - Intelligent Defrost System 'IDS' self-monitoring system initiates defrost when necessary and only when necessary without consideration of previous cycles, and without time based predetermined intervals
CONSTRUCTION Entirely AISI 304 Cr Ni 18/10 food-grade & food-safe stainless steel externally and mirror polished internally with coved ceiling and floor base, radius corners both top & bottom
NUMBER & TYPE OF DOOR/S (1/1) Reversible, self-closing at less than 90˚ceiling / bench mount ready, insulated stainless panel door with radius handles, remains open unassisted at 95˚
DOOR LOCK/S Optional
COOLING SYSTEM Ventilated forced-air
DRAINAGE Not required - auto-condensate disposal device (self-evaporating defrost water removal)
POWER SUPPLY 240V / 50Hz / 1Ph
POWER RATING (Min / Max) 2,0Amp / 480Watts
REFRIGERANT GAS QUANTITY R290 / R404a / 320grams
COMPRESSOR POWER (hp) - R290 / R404a / 1/3hp
COOLING CAPACITY (Watts) - R290 / R404a @ +43°C / 460Watts
COOLING CAPACITY (Watts) - R290 / R404a @ +32°C / 560Watts
NET / SHIPPED WEIGHT 66kg / 77kg

Full Brief

STANDARD FEATURES & INCLUSIONS – Foodservice GN Refrigerated Walliglu

Extended Warranty Term – 5 year Parts on construction against manufacturing defects or faults and 2 years Labour.

HACCP Certified – acoustic and visual HACCP alarm automatically activated when temperatures exceed HACCP defined critical temperature and time limits, 255 events recorded and stored within the controller software with detailed reports on last 16 alarms to include; Alarm Duration, Alarm Time (period of time), Temperatures and Cause.

+43ºC Ambient (T Class) – all cooling and mechanical components are engineered to perform reliably in a tropicalized climate of +43ºC ambient.

Adjustable Humidity Control – adjustable humidity level from between 60% - 90% in increments of 1% via the controller allowing an ideal level of humidity for any food type being stored.

Certifications & Marks of Conformity - HACCP Certified, 2006/42/CE, NF, EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-89, EN 55014-1, EN55014-2, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, 2004/108/CE, RoHS, RAEE, WEEE, REACH.

Intelligent Defrost Systems (IDS) – demand responsive, reliable and highly-efficient ‘hot-gas’ defrost eliminating the need for extra energy input will only initiate when necessary & only when necessary without consideration of previous defrost cycles and without the need for predetermined time-based defrost intervals.

Extreme-High-Performance – 50mm high-density (45kg/m3) rigid foam polyurethane insulation, Zero Ozone Depleting – (100% CFC-HCFC Free).

AISI304 Construction – entirely constructed of AISI304 high-grade-food-safe stainless steel externally and internally featuring a mirror polished interior with a coved ceiling and floor base and radius corners (R=12) both top and bottom. Easy ‘tool free’ removable shelving system for cleaning is in AISI304 stainless.

Adaptive Precision Controller – adaptive and remarkably flexible IP65 Water & Dust Ingress Protected ‘Intelligent’ controller with (LCD) Liquid Crystal Display for clear text monitoring of temperatures, functions, cycles, alarms, compressor running, defrost cycle, dripping indicator, temperature & humidity level indicator, cooling, door open alarm, and clean condenser. Built-in features include; audible and visual multi-function alarm alert system, fan speed management system, auto self-diagnostics system, and Intelligent Defrost System.

High-efficiency Refrigeration Systems – left-side mounted side mounted high-performance electronic controlled integral refrigeration system, entirely front ventilating refrigeration and electrics, condenser & evaporator/s with high exchange surface area for maximum output of refrigeration cycles, entire refrigeration system mounted on ‘slide-out’ guides to facilitate ease of maintenance and service. 
High Exchange Evaporators & 'IQ' Cooling Fans – protected by food safe coating and AISI304 stainless steel shroud are positioned within the dead space rear of the door mullion/s for highly efficient cooling and perfect homogeneity.

Entirely Front Breathing – entirely front ventilating system to allow for installation hard-up against the rear, left side technical compartment side walls and ceiling. 

Solid Panel Doors – AISI304 insulated stainless panel door with radius handle, self-closing at less than 90° with ‘stop’ (remains open unassisted) at 95° and to be fitted with replaceable magnetic balloon type door seals for a highly effective door closure and seal, and guarantee increased thermal efficiency.

Internal Lighting  LED interior light.

Auto self-diagnostics – is self-adjusting to ambient and operational conditions, continually accesses the performance of the refrigeration system and efficiency.

Waste Vaporizer – hot-gas disposal device to eliminate the defrosting water (drainage not required).

Over-current / Thermal Fuse Protection – inbuilt thermal protection in the event of a thermal compromise to prevent, and limit damage to equipment’s electrical components and reduce the risk of harm to the operator caused by overloads, or electrical safety breaches in unusual circumstances.

Service & Maintenance – facilitated via electronic controller to report a precise log of operating temperatures, cycles & alarm event history available in real time to service technicians, self-diagnostic test can be launched to ensure parameters are correct set to guarantee optimum operating capacity upon servicing/maintenance.

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