Exceptional Performance, Unrivalled Hygiene & Maximum Energy Efficiency without Compromise!


Premium Commercial Refrigeration & Bespoke Fine Food and Wine Displays.

IGLU COLD SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA is a wholly Australian owned and operated company dedicated to offering exceptional customer service through our exclusive range of commercial refrigeration and bespoke fine food and wine displays that exceed market needs for versatility and profitability.

IGLU COLD SYSTEMS is Australia’s most rapidly growing commercial refrigeration manufacturers offering an extensive range of high performance HACCP Certified Foodservice Counters and Upright Cabinets, Reach-in and Roll-in Blast Chillers and Shock freezers, Wall Mounted Cabinets, Roll-in and Pass-through Cabinets, Beverage Counters, Specialist Bakery, Chocolate, Pastry and Ice Cream Counters and Cabinets.

At IGLU we only engineer and manufacture the very best modular commercial refrigeration and bespoke fine food and wine displays for the global market.

Engineered and manufactured to exacting standards so as to ensure consistent performance, ongoing stability and reliability gives operators peace of mind well before buying any IGLU product, and long after its been installed.

We understand the positive difference that consistently reliable and economically efficient equipment makes to your everyday life and the impact it makes on your profitability. Product innovation, total overall quality of product, and continuous improvements and developments in consultation with engineers, foodservice consultants, our customers and foodservice operators has proven to be the key to our success.

IGLU COLD SYSTEMS ensure overall unsurpassed excellence in design and construction for the entire range of commercial refrigeration that is ideal for any commercial application or specialist environment from a one-off stand-alone unit to the highest specification foodservice consultant designed kitchen.


"IGLU COLD SYSTEMS manufacture only the very best commercial refrigeration. At IGLU we offer you and your business a solution to the anguish and loss of profit brought about by inefficient equipment, downtime and the disruption to your business when your existing refrigeration seems to constantly breakdown and regularly fails to maintain set temperatures."

"IGLU COLD SYSTEMS offer a robust high-performance commercial refrigeration system that is versatile, stable, and feature a number of adaptable economic efficient functions which ensure long-term reliability and ongoing reduced energy consumption throughout the lifetime of the equipment."

"Offering a total overall quality commercial refrigeration system which allows foodservice operators too confidently and consistently trade at maximum capacity at all times is the only business we're in. Most importantly we recognise that foodservice operators expect an exceptional after sales service support network and our promise to you is to deliver nothing less!”